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Garage ventilation

Calculates an estimate of the airflow needed to ventilate a garage.

Garage ventilation

Input Result
Installation factor fg=
Carbon dioxide content outside COu= ppm
Carbon dioxide content allowed COt= ppm
CO-flow qCO= m3/h
Air flow Q= m3/h

CO flow

Parking turnover P= %
Density CO ρCO= kg/m3

Engine typ Mileage Parking
CO flow
(m) (pc) (m3/h)


Parking turnover

Refers to how much of the parking spaces are changed every hour. Which can vary greatly depending on the parking facility.

Density CO

The density of carbon dioxide at a selected temperature, initially set at 20ºC

Emission value

A factor that determines how much carbon dioxide an engine emits, depending on how hot and how long the car is covered in the garage.

Installation factor

A factor that depends on the type of ventilation system used.

Impulse system 1,0
Duct based system 1,25-1,5

Carbon dioxide content outside

The carbon dioxide content found in the outdoor air.

Carbon dioxide content allowed

The highest permitted carbon dioxide content in the garage.

Air flow

The estimated air flow required to keep the carbon dioxide content in the parking facility down.


The carbon dioxide flow emitted by the cars driven in the garage.


Air flow: Air flow
Carbon dioxide flow: Carbon dioxide flow