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Wind load

Calculates the wind pressure/load that affects the building in question.

Wind load

Input Result
Height z= m
Wind zone cpe=
Terrain type
Reference wind speed vb= m/s
Turbulence factor KI=
Topography factor co=
Density ρ= kg/m3
Safety factor γd=
Load factor γf=
Wind load wd= N/m2


Reference wind speed

Is a reference value that can be picked from the pictures below and which is defined as the average wind speed for 10min at 10 meters above ground and occurs once every 50 years and has a roughness factor z0=0,05.


A factor that depends on which side of the building's walls is calculated in accordance with the picture below.


Wind zone Cpe
A -1,2 (suc)
B -0,8 (suc)
C -0,5 (suc)
D 0,8 (pres)
E -0,7 (suc)

Terrain type

Terrain type z0 z0
m m
0 Sea or coastal area exposed to open sea. 0,003 1
I Lake or flat and horizontal area with negligible vegetation without obstacles. 0,01 1
II Area with low vegetation such as grass and occasional obstacles with minimum spacing equal to 20x the height of the barrier (eg trees, buildings). 0,05 2
III Area covered with vegetation, buildings or single obstacles with maximum mutual distance equal to 20x the height of the obstacle (eg villages, suburbs and forest land). 0,3 5
IV Area where at least 15% of the area is built and the average height of the buildings is at least 15m. 1,0 10


The density of the air that can be expected under extreme wind conditions in the area in question is usually set to 1,25 kg/m3.

Turbulence factor

A factor that takes into account the turbulence that occurs around the building, usually set to 1.


A factor that takes into account the topography of the building is usually set to 1.

Safety factor

A factor that takes into account safety margins in the calculations.

Load factor

A factor which depends on how the load affects the wall usually a variable load ie wind.

Wind load

The dimensioned wind load to which the current wall is exposed.


Rawness factor: Rawness factor zmin<=z<=zmax
Rawness factor: Rawness factor z<=zmin
Terrain factor: Terrain factor
Turbulence: Turbulence
Turbulence intensity: Turbulence intensity zmin<=z<=zmax
Turbulence intensity: Turbulence intensity z<=zmin
Average wind speed: Average wind speed
Characteristic velocity pressure: Characteristic velocity pressure
Wind load: Wind load