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Solar power

Calculates the magnitude of power for a solar module using solar radiation.

Solar power

Input Result
Global radiation EG=
Module width B=
Module height H=
Number of modules n= pcs pcs
Efficiency η= % %
Performance-faktor PF=
Power PM=


Global radiation

The solar radiation that hits the current panel.

Module width

Refers to the width of a solar module.

Module height

Refers to the height of a solar module.

Number of modules

Refers to the number of modules to be included in the calculation.


Refers to the efficiency of the solar module.


Is a factor between 0 and 1 that takes into account efficiency reductions due to module heating, partial load, other spectral composition, conversion losses and losses for wiring, inverter interruptions, soiling, snow and shading.


Calculates the power that the current solar cell generates.


Solar power: Solar power