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Calculates what the cost of an annuity loan will be depending on the loan period.


Input Result
Loan amount S0= kkr
Annual interest r= %
Payment type n=
Loan period T= år
Payment per occasion K= kkr


Annuity loan

An annuity loan means that you pay back the same amount at each payment opportunity, but the distribution between the interest cost and the amortization varies over time.

Loan amount

Is it the loan that is taken.

Annual interest

Is it the annual interest rate as a percentage of the current loan.

Payment type

Shows how often a repayment is made on the loan.

Loan period

Loan time is the time the loan is before it should be fully repaid.

Payment per occasion

Displays the amount to be paid at each time according to the type of payment.


Annuity: Annuity