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Terms of use

General Terms of Use

By using the site and its features, the user agrees to:

§A1 Disclaimer

§A1.1 Estimation.tools assumes no direct or indirect responsibility for any special, temporary or consequential damages arising from use, inability to use the site, information or results presented.

§A1.2 Estimation.tools has no obligation to provide maintenance, support, update, upgrade or modification.

§A1.3 With Estimation.tools the terms and conditions refer to all parties who are directly or indirectly involved in the ownership, development, production, publication or financing of the site.

§A2 Changes of terms

§A2.1 Estimation.tools has the right to change the content and terms of the site without notifying users.

§A3 Operation and availability

§A3.1 Estimation.tools is normally in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Malfunctions may occur. In the event of a malfunction, Estimation.tools shall not be held liable for any damage or loss that may occur to the user in connection with the malfunction.

§A3.2 Estimation.tools does not guarantee that the service is always free of errors or interruptions. If deficiencies or interruptions in the service occur, Estimation.tools shall be given the opportunity to correct them without any breach of contract being deemed to exist.

§A3.3 Estimation.tools also has the right to close the service for eg upgrades and service.

Cookie policy

§C1 Cookies

§C1.1 Estimation.tools uses cookies to personalize content and ads to users, provide social media features and analyze our traffic.

§C1.2 Estimation.tools pass on information about your use of our site to the social media and advertising and analytics companies we partner with.

§C1.3 Estimation.tools uses Google Analytics, read policy

Privacy Policy

This policy informs the use of personal data in connection with a user's visit estimation.tools webbsite

What information do we save

For users who visit the site, only the IP address from which the call to the page is made is otherwise identified, the user is anonymous unless the user himself or herself identifies by, for example, sending a message.

For users who sign up for newsletters, uses the contact form etc personal data is processed such as:

  • E-mail

  • Name


The need for the stored data is

  • Be able to fulfill our agreement with users.

  • Be able to communicate with users.

  • Fulfill any legal obligation or requirements of authorities.


The personal data is stored for so long

  • Required to execute agreements with the user.

  • as the user is a registered user.

Disclosure of personal data
  • At any third party suppliers that help us provide our services such as invoicing.

  • Necessary to monitor, determine and exercise legal claims.

User rights
  • Users have the right to check that information about the user is correct.

  • Users have the right to get incorrect information about the user corrected or supplemented.

  • Users have the right to have their information about the user deleted on the condition that the current agreement does not exist.