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Hazard pictogram

A compilation of the various danger symbols used.

Hazard symbols for products

Hazard Symbols according to CLP Older symbols Alternative symbols for transport
Flammable Flammable Flammable Flammable Flammable
Flammable solids Flammable solids
Extremely flammable Extremely flammable
Explosive Explosive Explosive Explosive
Corrosive Corrosive Corrosive Corrosive
Gas containers Gas containers Gas containers Gas containers
Toxic Toxic Toxic Toxic
Very toxic Very toxic
Unhealthy Unhealthy Unhealthy
Irritating Irritating
Fissile substances Fissile substances
Environment hazardous Environment hazardous Environment hazardous
Organic peroxides Organic peroxides Organic peroxides
Oxidize Oxidize Oxidize Oxidize
Radioactive substances Radioactive substances
Self-igniting substances Self-igniting substances
Hazardous Hazardous
Contagious substances Contagious substances
Generates flammable gas upon contact with water Flammable solids Flammable solids
Warning text Warning text
Other dangerous substances Other dangerous substances



CPL (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) is based on the UN Global Harmonized System (GHS) which applies to all chemical products on the market and replaces all older labels.

Transport labeling

Can be used instead of CPL labeling under certain conditions.