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Ideal gas law

Calculates the pressure, volume, temperature or amount of substance for an ideal gas.

Ideal gas law

Input Result
Pressure P= kPa kPa
Substance amount n= mol mol
Temperature T= ˚C ˚C
Volume V= m3 m3
The general gas constant R= J/(mol*K)


Ideal gas law

Ideal gas law can also be called the general gas law. The ideal gas law applies only to ideal gases, that is, gases that do not take into account the molecular weight and intermolecular forces of the molecules.


The pressure that the gas has in its current container.

Substance amount

Also called the amount of substances is a measure of how many molecules are present in the amount. Measured in mol.


The temperature that gases hold.


The current volume of the gas.

The general gas constant

The general gas constant is a proportionality constant that is the same for all gases.


Ideal gas law: Ideal gas law