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Carbon dioxide emissions

Calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions for different types of energy.

Carbon dioxide emissions

Energy type Heat value Emissions
Carbon dioxide
Coal GJ/ton kg/GJ ton kg
Koks GJ/ton kg/GJ ton kg
Heating oil 1 GJ/m3 kg/GJ m3 kg
Heating oil 2-5 GJ/m3 kg/GJ m3 kg
Natural gas GJ/m3 kg/GJ m3 kg
LPG GJ/ton kg/GJ ton kg
City gas GJ/m3 kg/GJ m3 kg
Gasoline GJ/m3 kg/GJ m3 kg
Diesel GJ/m3 kg/GJ m3 kg
Sum kg


Energy type

Refers to the type of fuel used in the actual combustion.

Heating value

Specifies the amount of energy delivered by the combustion of the corresponding fuel.

Emission Factor

A factor that indicates how much carbon dioxide each substance emits when it is burned.

Fuel consumption

Refers to how much of the current fuel used in the combustion.

Carbon dioxide

The total amount of carbon dioxide that is given by the combustion of each substance.


Carbon dioxide emissions: Carbon dioxide emissions