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Surge protector

Calculates the risk level for whether protection against thunderbolt voltage is needed.

Risk level for surge protection

Input Result
Lightning strike frequency Ng= st/(km2*år) st/(km2*år)
Environmental factor fenv=
Low voltage
Air conduit LPAL= km km
Ground wire LPCL= km km
High voltage
Air conduit LPAH= km km
Ground wire LPCH= km km
Risk level CRL=


Lightning strike frequency

Is a measure of how often you have a lightning strike in the current environment.

Air conduit

Low and high voltage, which goes into the air.

Ground wire

Low or high voltage located in the ground.

Environmental factor

Is an environmental factor that varies depending on where the wire is located.

Risk level

Is the calculated risk level where usually a result of less than 1000 means that protection is necessary while a Result equal to or above 1000 means that protection is not necessary.


Surge protector: Surge protector