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Calculates the frequency depending on the values available.

Frequency alternative 1

Input Result
Time t= s s
Frequency f= Hz Hz

Frequency alternative 2

Input Result
Angular frequency ω= rad/s Hz
Frequency f= Hz Hz



The frequency is period the velocity of an electrical wave ie the number of oscillations per second that the wave does. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz) which is a unit which is derived from the SI system and corresponds to one cycle per second.


The time that passes during a period that is a wavelength.

Angular frequency

angular frequency may be called a rotation speed and is a measure of how much an object rotates around its center of rotation. Angular velocity is measured in the SI unit radians per second (rad/s). Radian is a rewriting for degrees that facilitate mathematical calculations.


Frequency alternative 1: Frequency alt 1
Frequency alternative 2: Frequency alt 2