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Step sound

Calculates the step sound through a floor joist depending on its structure.

Step sound

Input Result
Thickness h=
Dynamic modulus of elasticity E= N/m2
Density ρ=
Radiation factor σ=
Dissipation factor η=
Step sound Ln= dB



Refers to the thickness of the current floor.

Dynamic modulus of elasticity

The modulus of elasticity is a material-dependent variable that shows the relationship between mechanical stress and deformation. Also goes by the name Young's module.


Refers to the density of the current floor layer, ie how heavy it is.

Radiation factor

The radiation factor is a measure of how well the bending wave field in the beam is transferred to the surrounding air. For a frequency greater than the critical frequency, the factor is set to 1.

Dissipation factor

The loss factor describes the relatively lost energy per radius.

Step sound

Sound produced at, for example, the floor. The sound is transported through the structure to the air on the other side.


Step sound: Step sound