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Hot water circulation

Calculates the flow of hot water circulation in a tap hot water system.

Hot water circulation

Input Result
Power loss P=
Pipe length L=
Hot water temperature tvv=
Hot water circulation temperature tvvc=
Density ρ=
Specific heat capacity cp= kJ/(kg,˚C)
Flow q=


Power loss

Does the heat output as hot water loss through pipes and insulation.


The current flow in hot water circulation pipe.

Pipe length

Refers to the total length of the tubes to be calculated normally hot water pipe and hot water circulation pipe.

Hot water temperature

The hot water temperature leaving the tap water.

Hot water temperature

The lowest temperature in the hot water circulation line is usually set at least 50˚C.


Density volume or mass is a SI unit and is a measure of a specific substance's density, i.e. mass per unit volume. A synonym for density that can sometimes occur are specific weight.

Specific heat capacity

Specific heat capacity or cp is a measure of a material's ability to store thermal energy. The SI unit for the specific heat capacity is J / (kg * K).


Power: Power