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Heat power

Calculates the effect or the different temperatures for a heating system.

Heat power

Input Result
Power P= kW kW
Flow q=
Density ρ= kg/m3 kg/m3
Specific heat capacity cp= kJ/(kg,˚C) kJ/(kg,˚C)
Supply temperature Tf= ˚C ˚C
Return temperature Tr= ˚C ˚C



Refers to the power required to raise the temperature of the medium to the desired value.


The current flow in the channel.

Supply pipe temperature

Media temperature until the unit of management.

Return pipe temperature

Media temperature Right after the power is transmitted.


Density or volume of the mass is an SI unit and is a measure of a specific substance density, ie mass per unit volume. A synonym for density that can sometimes occur is specific gravity.

Specific heat capacity

Specific heat capacity cp and is a measure of a material's ability to store thermal energy. SI unit for the specific heat capacity is J / (kg * K).


Power: Power