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Carbon dioxide

Calculates the carbon dioxide content in relation to the business and the personal load on the premises.

Carbon dioxide

Input Result
Person load n= st/m2
CO2 discharge B= l/h
CO2-content in the outside air Bu= ppm
Max allowed CO2-content C∞=
Flow/area q/A= l/s, m2


Person load

Estimation of how many people one can expect to be in the current room at the same time.

CO2 discharge

Refers to how much carbon dioxide is emitted to the space in question, depending on which and how active activities are conducted in the room in question.

Max allowed CO2-content

The maximum CO2-content allowed to achieve each class.

CO2-content in the outside air

The carbon dioxide content found in the outdoor air in the business environment.


he minimum flow rate per m 2 needed to cope with the stated carbon dioxide content in the present case.


The floor area of the premises to which the calculation applies.


The recommended total airflow in the room in question.


Carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide