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Buckling case

Calculate the different cracking cases found in accordance with Euler.

Buckling case

Input Result
Buckling case
Length L=
Elasticist module E=
Moment of inertia I=
Force P=


Buckling case

The different buckling cases according to Euler.

Euler fall


The force that creates the buckling.

Elasticist module

The modulus of elasticity is a material-dependent variable that shows the relationship between mechanical stress and deformation. Also goes by the name Young's module.

Moment of inertia

The moment of inertia is a measure of how much torque is needed to turn the body around an axis.


Refers to the length of the buckling part.


Euler case 1: Euler case 1
Euler case 2: Euler case 2
Euler case 3: Euler case 3
Euler case 4: Euler case 4
Euler case 5: Euler case 5