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A summary of the pages available on estimation.tools including a brief description.


Annuity Calculates what the cost of an annuity loan will be depending on the loan period.
Cost of capital Calculates what the interest rate will be and is used in investment calculations.
Lcc Do an economic analysis if a measure is profitable.
Net present value Calculates the present value of an investment depending on the time spent.
Payoff Calculates the payoff or payback time of the current investment.
Real interest rate Calculating the real interest rate becomes the nominal interest rate and inflation is available.


Calculation points Calculates the maximum distance between measuring points to be used to calculate the illuminance.
Illuminance Calculates the illuminance depending on the values available.
Glare Calculates values for estimating the glare risk of luminaires outdoors and indoors.
Luminous flux Calculates the luminous flux depending on the values available.
Luminosity Calculates luminosity depending on the values available.
Spatial angle Calculates the spatial angle from a lighting point.
Solar cell
Global radiation Beräknar den globala strålningen som träffar solcellsmodulen.
Shading Calculates various effects that occur due to shading of the solar cell.
Solar cell temperature Calculates the temperature of the solar panel depending on how it is positioned.
Solar power Calculates the magnitude of power for a solar module using solar radiation.
Capacitance Calculates the capacitance depending on the data available..
Charge Calculates the charge depending on the values available.
Conductance Calculate the magnitude of the inductance of an electrical line.
Electrical power Calculates electric power depending on the values that are available.
Frequency Calculates the frequency depending on the values available.
Ground fault currents Calculates the ground fault currents for the air line and cable respectively.
Inductance Calculate the magnitude of the inductance of an electrical line
Interleaving Calculates the total effect over the course of the day.
Ohm's law Calculates the relationship between resistance, voltage and current.
Resistance Calculates the resistance and resistivity of different materials.
Resistor Calculates different time out for different time dependent conditions.
Surge protector Calculates the risk level for whether protection against thunderbolt voltage is needed.
Voltage drop Calculates the voltage drop on a line when the current or power is known.

Energy & Enviroment

AHU energy Calculates the annual energy consumption of a air handling unit.
Sun shielding Calculates the solar transmittance for different variants of solar shielding.
TEWI Calculates the Total Equivalent Warming Impact number to be able to compare different cooling and heat pump systems.
Transmission Calculates the transmission losses for a room.
Transport emissions Calculates energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for different types of transport.
U-value Calculates the u-value depending on the material structure.


Dew point Calculating the dew point for the actual case.
Evaporation Calculates the amount of water evaporation depending on the pool type and size.
Humidity Calculates how much water there can be in the air before it is condensed.
Mollier diagram A graphic representation of the relationship between air temperature, moisture content and enthalpy.


Compressed air
Buffer volume Calculates the buffer volume required to the compressor.
Consumption Calculates how much compressed air consumption becomes dependent on what is connected to the system.
Free flow Calculates the free flow from the normal flow depending on temperature and pressure.
Pressure drop Calculates the pressure drop per meter in the current pipe depending on flow, pipe material and dimension.
Condensate Provide an estimate of the amount of condensate in a pipe system.
KV-value Calculates the kv-value for the current valve in the steam system.
Steam quantity Make an estimate of the amount of steam in a pipe system.
Carbon dioxide emissions Calculates the amount of carbon dioxide emissions for different types of energy.
Gas bottles Calculates how large the usable volume in a gas bottle is, as well as a compilation of different sizes and colors of gas bottles.
Ideala gaslagen Calculates the pressure, volume, temperature or amount of substance for an ideal gas.
KV-value Calculates what the Kv-value of a valve in a gas system will depend on flow and pressure.
Vacuum pump Calculates the flow at the minimum flow a vacuum pump needs to lower the pressure within the desired time.


  • Sprinkler classifications
  • ATEX Compilation of commonly used ATEX ratings.
    Cleanliness Compilation of the various cleanliness classes commonly used.
    Corrosivity class Compilation of the various corrosivity classes commonly used.
    Filter classification Compilation of the various filter classes commonly used.
    Fire technical classes Compilation of the various fire technical classes commonly used.
    IP-classes Compilation of the different IP classes that exist and how they are defined.
    Compilation of the various classifications available for sprinklers.


    Carbon dioxide Calculates the carbon dioxide content in relation to the business and the personal load on the premises.
    Downdraft Calculates the size of the cold race from a cold surface and whether the convection from the radiator is sufficient.
    Lokalt termiskt obehag Calculates the percentage of a group of people who are supposed to complain due to different local phenomena.
    Hygienic limit values Calculates the total hygienic limit value for a number of different substances and test cases.
    Wind chill Calculates the impact of the wind on the perceived temperature.


    Bending Calculates the moment of inertia and bending resistance for a number of different geometries.
    Buckling Calculate the different cracking cases found in accordance with Euler.
    Elasticity module Calculates the modulus of elasticity depending on the strain and tension contained in the material.
    Joint Calculates how much load a joint can take.
    Shear stress Calculates the shear stress depending on the force and area of the cross section.
    Statics Calculates loads and torques for a number of different load cases.
    Torsion Calculates the torque and torque resistance for a number of different geometries.
    Wind load Calculates the wind pressure/load that affects the building in question.


    Angle Converts between different angular units used in the different calculations.
    Area Converts between different area units commonly used in the different calculations.
    Energy Converts between different energy units commonly used in the various calculations.
    Flow Converts between different flow units commonly used in the different calculations.
    Inch till DN Comparison table between inches and DN commonly used for oiled tubes.
    Length Converts between different length units commonly used in the different calculations.
    Power Converts between different power units commonly used in the different calculations.
    Temperature Converts between different temperature units commonly used in the various calculations.
    Time Converts between different time units commonly used in the various calculations.
    Pressure Converts between different pressure units commonly used in the various calculations.
    Velocity Converts between different common velocity units.
    Viscosity Converts between dynamic and kinematic viscosity.
    Volume Converts between different volume units commonly used in the various calculations.


    Fan noise Calculates how high the sound power level a fan creates depending on how much pressure it creates.
    Filter Calculates the sound using the more common A, B and C filter corrections used.
    Frequency Calculates the sound frequency depending on the time interval and the critical frequency.
    Reduction number Calculates the reduction number for a simple wall, ie how much the wall dampens the sound.
    Silencing Calculates how much the sound is attenuated by the sound attenuation measure.
    Sound generation Calculates how much sound is generated as the air passes.
    Sound summation Summarizes a number of different audio sources into a single audio source.
    Sound pressure Calculates how large the sound pressure converted from the sound effect becomes at a distance from the sound source.
    Step sound Calculates the step sound through a floor joist depending on its structure.
    Transfer unit Calculates how much an overhead device degrades a wall in terms of sound.


    Space specific
    Battery ventilation Calculates the flow needed to vent a battery room or battery locker to keep the hydrogen concentration below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).
    Commercial kitchen Provides the opportunity to estimate how much ventilation a kitchen may need.
    Curtain heater Calculates the air flow needed for a curtain heater to prevent cold draft.
    Garage ventilation Calculates an estimate of the airflow needed to ventilate a garage.
    OP-ventilation Calculates the minimum flow needed to achieve a certain particle concentration in an operating room.
    Transformer Calculates the air flow needed to ventilate a room with a transformer.
    Dilution Calculates how long it will take to get the pollution content in a room.
    Duct Calculates flow or velocity and pressure drop through a circular or rectangular duct.
    Duct weight Calculates the weight of one channel per meter of inculsive media and isolation.
    K-factor Calculate what k-factor it will be over the current ventilation device.
    Leakage Calculates the leak depending on the tightness class of the duct system.
    Mixing temperature Calculates the mixing temperature of different subflows with different temperatures that converge in a common duct.
    Fan laws Calculates how flow, pressure and power vary with the flow on the same fan and working line.
    Flow type Calculates whether the airflow is laminar or turbulent in the current duct.
    Heat exchanger Calculates the efficiency of a heat exchanger.
    Louvres Calculates speed through circular and rectangular louvres.
    Natural ventilation Calculates the thermal momentum of a natural ventilation system.
    SFP Calculates the specific electrical power of an air handling unit.
    Power Calculates how large the power demand for the ventilation system is.
    Temperature increase Calculates how much the temperature is raised via the fan.


    Fire water
    Hose formula Calculates how large the pressure loss through a fire hose can be.
    Hose volume Calculates how much water can be contained in the fire hose.
    Reaction force Calculates the reaction force generated by the jet nozzle.
    Testing Calculates flow at different unit beamlines for different available pressures.
    Gutter Calculates the amount of stormwater a drain pipe can and the gutter can handle.
    Leveling buffer Calculates the volume and number of modules for a leveling buffer for a stormwater system.
    Likely flow Calculate the likely flow of stormwater from a surface.
    Open drain Calculates the water flow in an open drain according to Manning.
    Buffer volume Calculates the requisite volume of buffer for temporary storage of waste water.
    Capacity Calculates the capacity of the current wastewater pipeline.
    Grease trap Calculates the nominal size of the fat separator needed for the current plant.
    Greywater heat exchange Calculates the potential saving with greywater heat exchanger.
    Likely flow Calculates the likely flow in a sewage water pipe.
    Pipe slope Calculates the height of the waste water pipe with a slope.
    Sewage norm flow Calculates the total norm flows for various connected appliances to the wastewater system.
    Oil separator Calculates the nominal size of the oil separator needed for the current plant.
    Color marking A compilation of how sprinkler heads are color marked by activation temperature.
    Sprinkler flow Calculates the water flow coming from a sprinkler head.
    Wait time for sprinkler Calculating time alternatively pipe length for the flow to reach the sprinklerhead.
    Accumulation Calculates the volume and power requirements of a hot water storage tank.
    Likely flow Calculates how large the likely the tap water flow will be.
    Mixing flow Calculates how much hot tap water flow is needed in the tap.
    Hot water circulation Calculates the flow of hot water circulation in a tap hot water system.
    Meter Flow conversion as well as things to consider when choosing tap water meters.
    Norm flow Calculates the total norm flows for tap water connected devices.
    Wait time Calculates how long it takes for hot water to reach the tap.
    Affinity laws Calculates the flow, pressure and power varies with the flow in the pump.
    COP Calculates the size of the cold factor or COP for the current device.
    Culvert pipe Calculates the amount of heat loss in ground-laid culverts.
    Expansion vessel Calculates the size of an expansion vessel depending on the pressure in the system.
    Flow type Calculates whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.
    Heat exchanger Calculates the efficiency of the current on the heat exchanger depending on temperatures.
    Heat output Calculates the amount of heat output from a radiator and values for older existing models.
    KV-value Calculates the kv value for the current valve depending on pressure and flow.
    Mixing temperature Calculates the temperature of mixing of different flow becomes one.
    NPSH Calculates the suction height of a pump to prevent cavitation.
    Power Calculates the effect or the different temperatures for a heating system.
    Thermal expansion Calculates the large length extension of a pipe depending on the temperatures the media has.
    Pipe weight Calculates the weight of one tube per meter of inculsive media and insulation.
    Pipe volume Calculates the volume of media in a pipe system.
    Pool heating Calculates how long it takes to heat a pool to the desired temperature.
    Pressure drop Calculates the pressure drop per meter in the current pipe.
    Pressure stroke Calculates the shortest time a valve can close without causing any pressure in the line.
    Pump power Calculates the amount of electrical power for the current pump.
    Shunt Beräknar hur stort flödet på primärsidan i en shunt blir.
    Valve authority Calculates the valve authority for the current valve depending on the pressure drop in the system.


    Hazard pictogram A compilation of the various danger symbols used.
    Greek alphabet Displays a compilation of the Greek alphabet that is often used for different quantities.
    Prefix Displays a number of the different prefixes that are commonly used.
    SI-enheter Recounts and defines the various SI units that are applicable.
    Units A compilation of a number of different devices used on the page.
    Circle Calculates geometries for a circle depending on available dimensions.
    Cone Calculates geometries for a cone depending on the dimensions available.
    Pyramid Calculates geometries for a pyramid depending on the dimensions available.
    Rectangle Calculates geometries for a rectangle depending on the dimensions available.
    Triangle Calculates geometries for a triangle depending on available dimensions.
    Material properties
    Air A collection of a number of different physical properties of air.
    Periodical table An overview of the various elements that are presented in a periodical system.
    Refrigerant Properties of a number of the more common refrigerants used.
    Substance amount Calculates the amount of substance in the gas depending on the mass and molar mass of the substance.
    Steam A compilation of a number of different physical properties of steam.
    Water A compilation of a number of different physical properties of water.
    Combustion Calculates the amount of oxygen, the amount of air and the amount of flue gas in combustion.
    Measuring accuracy Calculates the accuracy of a measuring instrument depending on the various deviations that may occur.


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