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Likely flow for tap water

Calculates how large the likely the tap water flow will be.

Likely flow

Input Result
Largest individual norm flow qN= l/s
Total norm flow Q=
Constant flow qk= l/s
Medium flow qm= l/s
Probability ϴ=
Uncertainty A=
Likely flow qd= l/s


The largest single norm flow

Represents the largest single stud agency's standard flow usually between 0.1-0.3l/s.

The average flow

Refers to the average flow through the valve in question, which in normal cases may be seen as a constant.


Refers to likelihood that the average flow is used during peak consumption. Can normally be seen as a constant.

Total norm flow

Sum of tap water standard flows in line to be dimensioned.

Constant flow

The sum of the possible constant tap water flows in the system.


A correction factor based on how much uncertainty in how often the design flow is exceeded. Under normal conditions added uncertainty to 0,001.

Uncertainty Correction factor
0,01 2,3
0,001 3,1
0,0001 3,7

Likely flow

The flow goes through the line at any one time also commonly referred to as a design flow.


Likely flow: Likely flow