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Heat exchanger

Calculates the efficiency of the current on the heat exchanger depending on temperatures.

Heat exchanger

Input Result
Primary side
Primary supply temp. tpf= Heat exchanger
Primary return temp. tpr=
Flow qp=
Secondary side
Secondary supply temp. tsf=
Secondary return temp. tsr=
Flow qs=
Efficiency n= % %
Effect p=


Return pipe temperature

The temperature at which the liquid has on after it has been his work on primary and secondary side.

Supply pipe temperature

The temperature of the liquid has before it performs its work on primary and secondary side.


Refers to the flow on either side of the heat exchanger.


Refers to the power transmitted between the primary and secondary side via the heat exchanger.


Refers to the distribution system in the facility in question is usually the internal main system.


Refers to the part that the shunt system shall provide for the establishment in question, for example, the heat of a fan heater, heating system, etc.


Efficiency of the current flow heat exchanger that is, how efficiently it transfers heat between the different sides.


Heat exchanger: Heat exchanger
Effect: Effect