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Calculates the free flow from the normal flow depending on temperature and pressure.

Free flow

Input Result
Normal flow qN= Nl/s Nl/s
Standard inlet temperature TFAD= ˚C ˚C
Normal inlet temperature TN= ˚C ˚C
Standard inlet pressure PFAD= bar bar
Normal inlet pressure PN= bar bar
Free flow qfad= l/s l/s


Normal Flow

Normal flow (Normal volume rate of flow), the flow is converted to a "normal" state.

Standard inlet temperature

Standard temperature at the inlet, ie 20˚C. Temperature is calculated as the absolute temperature.

Normal inlet temperature

This temperature refers to the temperature used in the "normal" state, ie 0˚C. Temperature is calculated as the absolute temperature.

Standard inlet pressure

Standard pressure in the inlet ie 1 bar.

Normal inlet pressure

Refers to the pressure used in the "normal" state, ie, 1.013 bar.

Free flow

The free flow (Free Air Delivery) is the flow that creates the air compressor.


Free flow: Free flow