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Culvert pipe

Calculates the amount of heat loss in ground-laid culverts.

Culvert pipe

Input Result
Supply temperature Tf= ˚C
Return temperature Tr= ˚C
Ground temperature Tm= ˚C
Media pipe
Inner diameter dri=
Outer diameter dry=
Heat conduction λr= W/m*˚C
Outer casing
Inner diameter dmi=
Outer diameter dmy=
Heat conduction λm= W/m*˚C
Heat conduction λPUR= W/m*˚C
Laying depth z= m
Heat conduction λe= W/m*˚C
Pipe distance C-C= m
Heat loss P= W/m


Supply temperature

The temperature of the media flowing in the pipe up to the supply point.

Return temperature

The temperature of the media flowing in the pipe back to the supply point.

Ground temperature

Refers to the temperature of the surrounding soil.

Media pipe

Refers to the pipe where media flows.

Outer casing

The protective insulated pipe surrounding the media pipe.

Laying depth

Refers to the deep center of the pipe is away from the ground surface.

Inner diameter

The inner diameter of the media pipe and the casing pipe respectively.

Outer diameter

The outer diameter of the media tube and the casing pipe respectively.

Heat conduction

Also referred to as heat conductivity and is defined as the heat flow passing through the material per unit of time. The values needed are for the media tube, sheath tube, ground as well as for the insulating material that fills the space between the media and sheath tubes usually a polyurethane insulation (PUR).

Pipe distance

The distance between the forward and return lines center to center.

Heat loss

The heat loss that occurs from the two pipes to the surrounding ground.


Heat loss: Heat loss