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AHU energy

Calculates the annual energy consumption of a air handling unit.

AHU energy

Input Result
Normal year temperature Tn= ˚C
Supply air temperature Tt= ˚C
Extract air temperature Tf= ˚C
Flow Q= m3/s
Heat recovery rate n= %
Operating time dagar/vecka
Operating time tim/dag
Heating energy Ev= kWh/år
Cooling energy Ek= kWh/år


Normal year temperature

Median annual temperature at the current location. That is, at what temperature the same number of days is warmer and colder.

Supply air temperature

The temperature of the air that is blown into the room through the ventilation.

Extract air temperature

The temperature of the air leaving the room.


The flow on which the energy demand is to be calculated.

Heat recovery rate

Refers to the efficiency of recycling in the air handling unit.

Operating time

Avser hur många timmar per dag och dagar i veckan som luftbehandlingsaggregatet går.

Heating energy

Determines how many hours per day and days of the week the air handling unit goes.

Cooling energy

The energy that goes into cooling the outdoor air to the desired supply air temperature for one year.