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Pool heating

Calculates how long it takes to heat a pool to the desired temperature.

Pool heating

Input Result
Pool area Ab= m2
Pool average depth Db= m
Leveling volume Vu= m3
Total volume Vtot= m3
Pool target temperature Tm= ˚C
Pool start temperature Ts= ˚C
Density ρ= kg/m3
Specific heat capacity cp= kJ/(kg,˚C)
Heating flow q=
Supply temperature Tf= ˚C
Room area Arum= m2
Power loss Pf= W/m2
Heating time, variable h dygn
Fixed Power P= kW
Heating time, straight h days


Pool area

Refers to the total area of the pool.

Pool average depth

Refers to the average depth of the current basin.

Leveling volume

Refers to the volume needed to handle the fluctuations of the water volume in the basin.

Total volume

Displays the total volume needed to heat to the desired temperature.

Pool target temperature

Refers to the temperature at which the basin should be heated.

Pool start temperature

Refers to the temperature of the basin before any heating starts.


The density of the fluid passing through the valve. Initially, the liquid is assumed to be water.

Specific heat capacity

Specific heat capacity or cp is a measure of a material's ability to store thermal energy. If the unit for the specific heating capacity is J/(kg*K).

Heating flow

How much flow flows through the heat exchanger to heat the pool. The flow is calculated to be constant during the calculation.

Supply temperature

Refers to the water temperature supplied to the pool during heating.

Fixed Power

Used for calculating heating when setting a fixed effect for heating no matter what the temperature in the basin is. The effect is usually set at the design temperature ratio.

Room area

Refers to the size of the room where the pool is located.

Power loss

An estimated loss per square meter of room.

Heating time, variable

The time it takes to heat the pool under optimal conditions, ie when all the heat is distributed evenly throughout the pool and the return temperature back to the heat exchanger follows the pool temperature. The heating flow is constant which gives a varying power output.

Heating time, straight

Shows how long it takes to heat the pool with a constant effect on the transfer, ie the flow varies.


Evaporation: Evaporation
Power: Effekt