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Fan noise

Calculates how high the sound power level a fan creates depending on how much pressure it creates.

Fan noise

Input Result
Air flow Q=
Pressure rise p=
Sound effect Lw= dB


The calculation is an approximation for the fan sound depending on the flow and pressure set to be able to make a quick assessment with regard to sound.


The current flow that the fan emits at the event, the sound is calculated.

Press rise

The pressure increase provided by the fan at the current flow.

Sound power level

This is a measure of how much power emitted to the environment. Ljudeffeffektnivån is in most cases independent of the placement in the room.

The decibel (dB)

is a logarithmic measure that indicates a relation to a reference value. Commonly used in sound determinations, but also occur in other areas. The basic unit is actually Bel but used almost exclusively with the prefix deci ie 10.1 Bel.


Fan noise: Fan noise