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Pressure stroke

Calculates the shortest time a valve can close without causing any pressure in the line.

Pressure stroke

Input Result
Pipe length L= m m
Pipe diameter d= mm mm
Pipe thickness t= mm mm
Elasticity module pipes El=
Compressibility media Em=
Sound speed media cm= m/s m/s
Closing time Δt= s s


Pipe length

Refers to the length of the pipe where the pressure stroke is to be calculated.

Pipe diameter

Refers to the inner diameter of the current pipe.

Pipe thickness

Refers to the thickness of the goods on the pipe in question

Elasticity module pipes

Material dependent factor describing the relationship between mechanical stress and the deformation of the material.

Compressibility media

Comparable to the modulus of elasticity and describes the relationship between the relative volume change in relation to the pressure.

Sound speed media

Determines how fast the sound transports in the current medium.

Closing time

Shows the shortest time a valve can have without risking a pressure stroke in the line.


Pressure wave speed: Pressure wave speed
Closing time: Closing time