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Leveling buffer

Calculates the volume and number of modules for a leveling buffer for a stormwater system.

Leveling buffer

Calculates the volume of the equalization buffer and the number of modules needed.

Input Result
Area A=
Rain intensity I= l/(s*m2)
Rain duration t=
Runoff coeff ψ=
Out flow q=
Volume V=
Module size
Width b=
Height h=
Depth d=
Utilization u= %
Number n= pcs

Dimensional rain depth

Calculates the design rainfall depth depending on the drain time on the buffer.

Input Result
Hydrological efficiency Ce=
Emptying time t= h
Rain depth likely dr=

Storage area

Calculates the area of a flat area buffer with constant infiltration.

Hydrological efficiency Ce=
Area A=
Buffer height dm=
Infiltration rate fc= mm/h

Rain depth likely
Closed buffer
Open buffer



The number of modules needed to achieve a sufficient volume in the buffer.


The area that it cleans and the buffer is expected to take care of.

Area (Am)

Refers to the total area of the total buffer in one floor other configurations may be possible depending on the manufacturer.

Runoff coeff

A coefficient that depends on how much of the rain hits the imagined surface that will end up in the buffer.

Hydrological efficiency

Hydraulic efficiency is an expression of how well the incoming water is distributed over the surface of the reservoir and how much it is mixed with the reservoir water. The hydraulic efficiency has a value between 0 and 100%, where 100% is spread throughout the buffer and 0 is extremely low spread.

Infiltration rate

Refers to the rate at which the water is infiltrated to the ground from the reservoir.

Buffer height

Refers to the height of the current buffer.

Module buffer

Refers to the dimensions and how much of the module can be used for the volume of liquid.

Rain depth likely

The likely minimum and highest rain depth.

Rain intensity

How intense the rain is, that is, how much water falls per surface.

Rain duration

How long the design rain lasts.

Closed buffer

Refers to a buffer that is closed on all sides.

Emptying time

The time it takes to empty the buffer.

Out flow

The largest allowable outflow from the buffer.


The volume that needs to be buffer

Open buffer

Refers to a buffer that is open upwards ie rain can fall directly into the buffer.


Buffer volume: Buffer volume
Rain depht: >Rain deph
Buffer closed: Buffer closed
Buffer open: Buffer open