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Thermal expansion

Calculates the large length extension of a pipe depending on the temperatures the media has.

Thermal expansion

Input Result
Length L= m m
Length extension coeff α= *10-6 m/m*K *10-6 m/m*K
Temperature diffrence ΔT= ˚C ˚C
Length extension ΔL= mm mm



Refers to the length of the pipe to be calculated.

Thermal expansion coefficient

A material coefficient showing how much material moves with temperature differences in the details.

Aluminum 23*10-6
Lead 29*10-6
Coppar 17*10-6
Non-alloy steel 12*10-6
Stainless steel 12*10-6
Brass 21*10-6
Plastic* 170*10-6

* Can vary greatly depending on the composition of the plastic.

Temperature difference

Refers to the difference in temperature that affect the pipe tube.

Thermal expansion

How much longer pipe is at the current conditions.


Length of extension: Length of extension