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Transfer unit

Calculates how much an overhead device degrades a wall in terms of sound.

Transfer unit

Input Result
Reduction number unit Dn,e= dB
Wall area A=
Reduction number wall Rvägg= dB
Resulting reduction number Rres dB


Wall area

The area of the wall to be calculated.

Resulting reduction number

The summed noise reduction number for the total wall.

Reduction number unit

The reduction number for a unit (Dn,e) is calculated on a 10m2 wall. An alternative value used is the R value for other standard wall areas. Correction figure for R value to D n, e depending on the wall area used to determine the value can be made according to the table below.

Area 10 2 1 m2
Correction 0 7 10 dB

Reduction number wall

The noise reduction value of the current wall.


Transfer unit: Transfer unit