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Converts between different temperature units commonly used in the various calculations.


Celsius ˚C
Farenheit ˚F
Kelvin K
Rankine ˚Ra


Celsius scale

The most common temperature scale in most European countries. The scale was introduced by Anders Celsius. The scale assumes that the freezing point (0˚C) and boiling point (100˚C). Step length between grades is the same as the Kelvin scale.

Fahrenheit scale

The Fahrenheit scale is used in most countries outside of Europe. The scale was introduced by the German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit 1724th scale was based on the lowest temperature you could produce artificially 0˚F) and body temperature (96˚F).

Kelvin scale

The Kelvin scale is the SI unit of temperature, and is named after Lord Kelvin. Kelvin scale is based on absolute zero, which is the theoretical lowest temperature that can be achieved.

Rankin Scale

The Rankin scale is named after the Scottish engineer William Rankine John Macquorn who presented his 1859 scale Rankine scale based on absolute zero and uses the same step length as the Fahrenheit scale.