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Vacuum pump

Calculates the flow at the minimum flow a vacuum pump needs to lower the pressure within the desired time.

Pump flow

Input Result
Volume V=
Time t=
Starting pressure p0=
End pressure p1=
Pump flow q=


Pump flow

The flow that the pump least needs to manage to achieve the desired pressure drop within the desired time.


Refers to the volume in the container to which the pressure should be lowered.


During the time that the desired suppression is to be achieved.

Start pressure

Is the pressure that the current container holds before the pump starts to suck out the air.

End pressure

If the pressure is desired to be achieved in the container by help of the pump.

Type of vacuuum Pressure (hPa)
Low vacuuum 300-1
Medium vacuuum 1-10-3
High vacuuum 10-3-10-7
Ultra high vacuuum 10-7-10-12
Extremly high vacuuum <10-12


Pump flow: Pump flow